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At the outset it is of immeasurable importance to state that one should have an undivided opinion towards the economic model that is presented in this document. It is the very objective of this economic model to work towards a united WORLD MONETARY ORDER.
For it is written:
But he knowing their thoughts, said unto them,
Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and a house divided against a house falleth.

Mat 12:25
For an ECONOMY to function properly the following three constituents familiar to our contemporary situation should be coherent, compatible, and interrelated, namely:
Monetary Order,
Any endeavour to manipulate these three constituents independently from each other may lead to conflicts of interest in either of them in times to come. One needs to see the common denominator which links these three constituents together, expressed as our Human Resources & Energy, i.e. People.
Therefore, it is mankind who determines to slow down the irreversible deteriorating state of this planet Earth to date; it is people who can make our society homogeneous; and it is mankind, in particular our leaders, men with a VISION, who can make this all happen. With patience it might take generations to reverse our down-ward spiral, as it has taken generations to bring it to where we are now, furthering our desolation.
At the heart of any ECONOMY lies a desire for improving our spiritual / physical existence, so that we become more complete and sustainable.
However, reality shows us, we are not achieving any of these natural essentials we are born with; without causing strive with our fellow man, i.e. causing division. In real terms we are merely destroying ourselves by losing our natural affection, which is necessary to sustain humanity and nature.
This document is therefore to present the TRUTH for changing our outlook on our economy in a way, which would reflect the values of each individual citizen towards their neighbour. In other words, the intentions with which we exchange our money reveals our concerns for our fellow men. Creating an economy which focuses on the future as people perceived it in their own minds. The demands of the time requires investments for the GOOD of people... locally, nationally, and globally... "Put your money where your mouth is!"




1.     Monetary Order
2.     Remuneration
3.     Taxation




To  whom  it  may  concern

It is because of the rapid decline in the
WORLD’s expectation of its future existence, that moral, economic, and environmental matters have become frustrating issues to many; distant, incomprehensible and seemingly beyond anyone's ability to conform. This state of mind has developed an attitude of apathy with still more people coming into its grip, who then shun any concern, mental input, or active physical involvement to change this apathetic state into positive, constructive, and caring prospects. They are those, who rather retreat into isolated places, or put on blinkers pretending seeing nothing than their own self-interest! Also, there are an increasing number of people who think that they can transfer their responsibility to the politicians, or their leaders for that matter.
This frame of mind is especially prevalent towards monetary matters, where one can see the frustration caused by the labyrinth of money transactions, doubtful securities, and the diverse forms of corruption that cannot be adequately addressed by the authorities. To describe our condition more perfectly:
As it is written
they  real  to  and  fro,  and  stagger  like  a  drunken  man, and  are  at  their  wits  end,
PSALM 107: 27 )
"It is one thing to find fault with contemporary governments and societies, but then, it is an other thing to come with an alternative worthy considering"; is one of the life philosophies I have become to cherish! Therefore, this document aims to be a compilation of revived principles, observations, hypotheses, statements, predictions, suggestions, and prophesies which ought to reveal the extent of our present fallen condition; Thus, that it may disable our corrupt activities from spreading any further, and make future occurrences of these and newly devised unscrupulous inventions and imaginations more obvious to the common person. Let we give heed to these words:
For it is written:
that  we  henceforth  be  no  more  children,
tossed  to  an  fro,
and  carried  about  with  every  wind  of  doctrine,
by  the  sleight  of  men,  and cunning  craftiness,
whereby  they  lie  in  wait  to  deceive;
( EPHESIANS  4: 14 )
Indeed, the WORLD has become increasingly estranged from the perfect natural way in which individuals, communities and nations ought to interact one with another. Not to say, we increasingly have become "anti Nature" believing, that we have to, and are able to change Nature the way we fancy it to be. Further, in our social interactions we are no more motivated by neighbourly love, or "natural affection". We have arrived at a point where our attitude is based on the "law of the jungle...the survival of the fittest". Common practices and attitudes observed in contemporary living are therefore basically a manifestation of the inverse value principle, the situational ethic principle, and the convergent thinking principle.
The inverse value principle manifests itself in the attitude of valuing utmost low, that which contributes indescribably to our ecological subsistence and sustenance, and exalts that which is dispensable. (I.e.: not having our priorities rightly ranked!)
The situational ethics principle is in fact exploiting true moral principles for one's own benefit by taking them out of their context, and making them a pretext. (This is applied to justify corruptness, or to accommodate double standards!)
The convergent thinking principle is converging people's focus on trivial, temporal matters to deflect their attention away from obtaining the truth on crucial, eternal matters in LIFE. (This principle is used to hold people in mental bondage, or ignorance, i.e. brainwash them!)
These artificial and therefore destructive principles for humanity, plus the absence of an ETERNAL GLOBAL VISION by our WORLD leaders have accelerated our advance towards the "global climax"... preceded by a "monetary meltdown".
As it is written
where there is no vision, the people perish:
but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.
(PROV.: 29:18)

However, we must believe, that LIFE in its perfect sense is a simple, perpetual occurrence, which aim is to secure our spiritual growth (i.e. building up our character) and physical existence for eternity.  This is achieved, besides the intervention of an overruling authority, by the exchange of one's resources & energy for the nurture and upbringing of our forthcoming generations, our children. The increasing complexity of our social interactions is a clear indication of showing little concern for one another, our own future and that of our children. To this matter see the increasing number of laws added to our civil constitution regularly, thus only, that we may protect our neighbour against our "unleashed" selfishness. (In fact, nothing has changed over the six thousand years of man's existence. Because all our western legislation is an endorsement of the last six commandments of the TEN COMMANDMENTS [EXODUS 20: 12-17 KJV] translated from the Hebrew scriptures, and we still trespass each one of them.) The need to combat the infectious corruption at work in the WORLD is more vital than ever before. For this canker has penetrated thus deep, that it is already at work in activities which even have, as yet, not been identified as being detrimental to the prolongation of terrestrial LIFE on this planet.
Knowing, and now understanding more what is confirmed by the Scriptures#, we do well to continually seek conformation of this infinite and eternal WISDOM that is handed down to us through time.
For it is written:


( Jer 10:23 )
To free oneself in time from the grip of corruption, is to solely focus one's resources & energy on: …a) The Global Vision, …b) The Principle on which this vision is based, and …c) The Means by which  ‘a)’ and ‘b)’ can be put in practice and accomplished on a daily basis.

the global vision


the principle

thou  shalt  love  thy  neighbour  as  thyself.

the means


To the Reader

Since I am neither an economist, a physicist, nor a theologian , but believe a genuine follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, the work I am involved in, and of which the Reader can see the evidence here, require some personal back ground information. Therefore, as at the outset of all my publication I wish to convey the following to the Reader: That in the flesh, I am the only one which is fully responsible and can be made accountable for the contents of this presentation. The spiritedness of this presentation, however, is the result of a combined endeavour based on FAITH only, and of which I am only the tangible means. Hence, I am committed to publish this presentation, believing, that it is urgent to communicate the TRUTH on our livelihood affairs now there are still Readers who wish to listen. Now is the time, though not for long, to reinstated the TRUTH by the ‘ways and means’ suggested in this presentation and following presentations. That it may bring us back to ‘the straight and narrow’. This by acknowledging the authority of the laws we are made accountable by for all our thoughts, words, and deeds, namely:
The  Moral  Laws.
The  Economic  Laws.
The  Laws  of  Physics.
All I have written in this preparatory document is done in GOOD FAITH, believing that it will reach those appropriate for the furtherance of this vision, in whatsoever capacity this may be. Therefore, this publication ought to be readable by all people irrespective of their social status, irrespective of their academic achievements, but which keep an open MIND and HEART on our future. Also, that it can serve as a discussion paper for a more comprehensive approach that would deal on a global scale with all the practical details of the concept itself, the transition to what it has to be, and its implication.
It will become conspicuous to the Reader, if not already, that it seems impossible to separate the "SPIRITUAL" from the "NATURAL". In fact, I believe, that it is by the following three entities, namely: the natural realm, the spiritual realm, and the source of LIFE  that we exist, are sustained, find fulfilment, and become complete.
For it is written:
and jesus answered him, saying,  it  is  written,  that  man  shall  not  live  by  bread  alone,
but  by  every  word  of  god.
( LUKE 4: 4 )
Also, I have described in depth seemingly trivial matters, or things not heard off before. They may be controversial to contemporary doctrines, opinions and trends. At first instance, they might look remote from the main subject of this document. However, I indeed believe, that in true sense they are the inestimable building blocks for THE WORLD MONETARY ORDER. Perhaps it is because they are unfamiliar for many today, and will be more so for those in the WORLD who are persistent in increasing their sensuality in the days to come. On the other hand, there is also an increasing tendency with people, who has gone to the other extreme, to deal with so-called "familiar spirits". Because both extremes have become a means in themselves, and therefore one does not confirm the other, are just what we ought to prevent from happening. But for those undecided Readers, alternative thoughts are offered to ponder on, and to enable to evaluate other sources on what they are offering with respect to our existence and future. Remember, remaining willingly ignorant is never an excuse for pleading innocence.
However, withholding these truths from the Reader would be, to me, denying that there is a general aim of life and a fulfilment of LIFE to be attained. I never intend with this document to change the Reader's persuasion, nor do I want to draw disciples to myself. This document is my personal mission, which I am obliged to undertake, just our creator and my Lord Jesus Christ commanded me to do. Whom I want to love through my unconditional obedience and discipleship. I, therefore, sincerely wish that no one will use any of the truths, principles, and hypotheses herein written to harm others, not even oneself, in whatsoever form, way, or extend it may be. But to use it for the GOOD of all, and by this obtain a better understanding of our contemporary WORLDs social affairs. The advice I wish to leave with the Reader concerning this document is: “Eat the meat and spit out the bones!”
Indeed, I believe, it would be an expression of love towards one another, when we open up a
WORLD wide dialogue on the issues herein presented for the GOOD of all.
I pray that the reference to both realms and truths herein revealed may never be a stumbling-block for those of different walks of life, or life-philosophies, or ideologies. That the possible dilemmas and obstacles may be overcome by singly focusing on The Global Vision, The Principle, and The Means only.
In closing this foreword, I wish the Reader to bear in mind, that the world monetary order  concept is presented without prior consultation with so-called "experts", whatsoever the field of expertise it may concern here. The reason for this, is to preserve the virginity of the concept in its original setting as I am inspired to write them down. Thus, the Readers may carry it further only on the basis of their own free persuasion, understanding and expertise. By the same token, I am also aware of the fact that in order to make the world monetary order   our standard "ECONOMIC  system" means, that it has to go hand in hand with establishing a common global "governing system".

I am not claiming to be an expert in any of the areas touched on in this publication, nor am a writer, nonetheless, please do not hold this against the viability of the world monetary order;  the world monetary order  speaks for itself, explains itself, and interprets itself, and therefore being evaluated by the Readers on these grounds only. Thank you for doing so!
In my word of acknowledgement on behalf of all mankind, I indeed exalt our creator, and The Lord Jesus (Joshua) Christ (Messiah), and The Spirit of Truth for entrusting us these gems of truth for our sure salvation.
At the same time, I wish to plead with myself and with the
WORLD as a whole to repent, and to overcome evil with good, hence, that the time might be redeemed for the forthcoming generations! I also express my gratitude to, and ask our creator’s blessing on all that have contributed to the realisation, distribution, and publishing of this document, and in particular the Reader for considering and challenging the concepts, irrespective of the Reader’s motives for doing so.

When reading matters I have written, the Reader is asked to recall constantly the above personal statements on how matters came to paper. Further, to test the statements on the basis whether they reflect the character of our creator and co-creator the Lord Jesus Christ; who hates, hates, and hates sin, but love the sinner. Thus, that I do justice to my fellow man, love mercy, and remain humble in his sight and identify myself with each and everyone on this planet Earth.
‘Words’ and ‘phrases’ in italics and in capital letters only mean that they are defined, and that is the location of their definition in the text can be obtained from the glossary. These definitions ought to be seen in context of the document presented point of view, as well as ought to be consistent for its meaning right throughout the text and hopefully life as well. They are also given to overcome and to narrow down their application for any personal interpretations of the text for TRUTH sake. Their definition are formulated with the WISDOM and KNOWLEDGE as I understood it at the time. The Reader may take these TRUTH further. For on the one hand I realize myself, that:
man is ever learning!”
But on the other let we not forget the possible reality, that:“knowledge  blinds ... puffeth up!”

All quotations are taken from:
The Old and New Testaments
of the
King  James  Version.

Monetary Order

In the beginning, the conditions were as such, that at arrival on this newly created planet Earth mankind did not need to work the ground, till the soil, or plant seed for nourishment. Already there was enough nourishment provided for us to settle down, acclimatize, and become accustomed to the state of this habitat and our responsibilities.
As it is written


( Gen 1 : 28)

 As mankind multiplied and replenished the earth, and built societies, the local demand on earth’s NATURAL provision was exceeded. These societies developed a need for concentrated sources of nourishment and diverse commodities, and regulating bodies to keep law and order. Mankind became more dependant on one another’s skills and intellectual development... an economy was born.
The principle of an economy is:
The production and distribution of goods & services.

(An economy is merely the going around of Human Resources & Energy!)
(Thus the saying in a GOOD sense: “What comes around, goes around.”)

With the establishment of an economy the desire and versatility of a subordinate substitute for Human Resources & Energy was therefore created to make the cycle of rewarding and activating Human Resources & Energy possible. A commodity versatile enough to exchange Human Recourses & Energy whenever, wherever, and whatsoever it was needed for. Thus, to be used independently of the kind of expertise and skills contained in the Human Resources & Energy. The establishment of a monetary order has occurred with the standardisation of a subordinate substitute, so-called “money”.
To date, mankind in their folly, has confirmed giving in to the “Inverse Value Principle” and made the subordinate substitute “money” their objective of achievement... bottom line profit... rather than people, and so substantiate capitalism... "the love  of money".
The commodity that became the subordinate substitute favourite is made of a precious metal. A metal with characteristics we would wish oneself to have, we can familiarise with, and thus was found in the commodity metal so-called “gold”. The exclusiveness of this material made us feel that our Human Resources & Energy are exclusive too. The corrosion resistance it features made us feel lasting. (eternal life is a desire that has been promised in many religions.) Finally, gold’s lasting, unchangeable, cosmetic appearance features could mankind only dream off.
However, there were still features missing with this commodity “gold” which would not fully represents our Human Resources & Energy as how we would desire it. It is lifeless, cold, and still easy subject to the sleight of men!
Obviously nations like to distinguish one from another through their culture, but logically also in the representation of their subordinate substitute of the Human Resources & Energy. Images of renown men, women, and flora and fauna which are typical diverse from other nations.
A word of concern expressed here about the awareness of forces trying to extinct culture differences between nations by enforcing the so-called “Convergent Thinking Principle” (see Foreword). It would help when we would understand that multiple cultures can exist alongside each other even within the confines of a culture’s territory, whatsoever the native culture of the territory maybe. culture, however, should not be mixed up with religious traditions. religious traditions and doctrines hijacked to make people intolerable and non-forgiving for their past and hence future implications, i.e. just to keep them in bondage.
A way to express cultural diversification includes our so-called national currency. Evidence of this can be seen by the diversity of images on our bank notes and coins. Indeed, the nation with the highest level of development became mankind’s reverence objective, standard, or reserve currency. Officially, or unofficially, the currency of the United States of America for that matter has been adopted to take on this role of MONETARY STANDARD. With doing so, we have finally come to the appropriate truth about the way we ought to regard our subordinate substitute, so-called “money”. In other words, we are comparing Human Resources & Energy with Human Resources & Energy, and each with regard to their individual level of development, which is indeed right to do. Any other way of comparing will bring us in the situation of comparing “apples” with “pears”, which always leads to confusing assumptions, wrong appreciation of situations, and therefore making the wrong decisions or conclusions.
The economic principle is:
the subordinate substitute for human resources & energy is Money.
The bearer of all the personal characteristics, level of development, and expertise of the person who has exchanged his/her Human Resources & Energy for services, or goods is indeed “money”.
To date many are of the opinion that the American dollar, as a standard / reserve currency, is not giving the stability we are after. Merely, because the American currency is also subject to political schemes, i.e. people manipulation schemes, which will never establish a stable base in any society, nor any economy. To date, the American nation is far from setting a good example for the rest of the WORLD.
To overcome the instability, but accommodate for changes in our development towards perfection, will require first for each nation to look inwardly. Namely, to find out how good a citizen we are, how well we are developed, and whether matters are becoming sustainable!
The only way to make matters sustainable is by “caring” for them. There is no other way in the entire universe to make this happening, than through... C A R I N G ! However, "caring" needs to be done on the right principles, and for the right motive. The right basis, or motive, is given to us by the truth which states:
As it is written


( MAT: 22 : 39)
The order described in the above truth is obvious, namely we start to care for oneself first, and subsequently we can truly care for our neighbour and subsequently for the second and third order of life, as well as the environment. However, this document is not meant to give further insight in how “true caring” should be expressed genuinely in our daily living. The focus of this document will be merely on the evidence by which the level of our “caring” at times can be appreciated within the realm of our social development, e.g. our economy. In our contemporary economy caring for our neighbour is through the social system we have established, and is paid for by our taxation. While the intentions are upright, the execution has reached a stage where corruption of the social welfare system is beyond control. The system has, and still is creating citizens who cannot help themselves anymore, and will be a burden to society for as long as they live. They are creating fellow citizens, who in turn claim to be looked after by society from young (teenager) age onwards without making their own contribution to society. Consequently being an unbearable burden for society for many years to come. These kinds of burdens, i.e. where energy is consumed but produces no profitable result, will inflict inflation (down value the average value of Human Resources & Energy) and speed-up the irreversible depletion of natural resources of planet Earth prematurely. In addition causing enormous amounts of Human Resources & Energy (money) needed to keep law & order, to contain criminality and for holding the law breakers in custody.
As the saying is:
Give a man a fish, and he has food for a day.
Teach a man to fish, and he has food for the rest of his life.

The restoration of our ECONOMY is started by reminding people that we are bound to the LAWS OF ECONOMICS, which we cannot break, and thus is part of our social responsibility. If we continue violating these laws, at some stage nature will act to reinstate the fine balance through natural and/or manmade devastation. However, the consequences, and because it concerns Human Resources & Energy, will always visit us in a roundabout and painful way in due course. Consider the parallelism of a person's body unexpectedly in dire state as a consequence of  place, time, and/or people.
One way to avoid calamities happening in our society is by ensuring, that the exchange of Human Resources & Energy equals the same amount of Human Resources & Energy expressed in money value between the dealing parties. The value of Human Resources & Energy is most importantly related to the faith content of all that is required to bring the task to success, to lead people in growing morally, socially, and academically; to overcome unfavourable circumstances for the common good. In a vocation, the more FAITH that is required of... shown by... the person, the higher the value of the Human Resources & Energy ought to be.
(Indeed the reader may meditate on the following saying: “Those who lose money lose much, those who lose a friend lose more, those who lose faith, lose all!)
The economic principle:
At any time in an economy the numerical sum in monetary value of all the human resources & energy in circulation is equal to the numarical sum of all the media of exchange in circulation.
At any time in an economy  the combined Human Resources & Energy of the workforce in circulation ought to be equal to the amount of money changing hands in society. Any violation of the above principle will be corrected in due course through various means. The most obvious one is when not enough money is in circulation this will result in Human Resources & Energy being taken out of circulation, so-called by making people redundant. 
In contrast, when too much money is in circulation compare with the amount of Human Resources & Energy this will result either in inflation, i.e. raising prices (real estate) / remuneration (deflation).... paying more money in numerical value for the same commodity previously. Alternatively, bringing in (foreign) workers, i.e. increasing the work-force and hence, with it will lower the average moral, social, and academic development level of the nation's workforce, etc. (Notice the predicament of the more developed countries of the European Union caused by the emigrants to date!)
A parallelism here is by looking at a human body seeing it as a micro economy. The energy consumed in the form of nourishment ought to be equal to the energy expended by the body. The expended energy can be more practical (goods), i.e. less academic (services), or alternatively less practical... more academic depending on the task (demand). The perfect situation would be when the nourishment the body takes in is the equivalent to  what is burned-up by the body while doing the work, i.e. nothing ought to be wasted, or alternatively stored/accumulated excessively... leading to obesity. Further, as with the body, an overdose of nourishment consumed in a short period of time would be rejected and thrown-up! A parallelism to “throwing-up of food” can be seen when “aid” is sent for disaster relief, or for appeasement in volatile regions, but much is wasted and only part will reach the people in need.
However, on a national scale, if we know the monetary standard of our currency, then we would through calculation be able to come in the vicinity of this balance point. Obviously, the monetary standard for many existing currencies is not known in distinct terms. This can be seen through observing the inflation affecting many currencies around the globe. However, there is an overall authority still in control and regulating the affairs on behalf of mankind in spite our persistent ignorance toward His existence. The interference is for the mere fact to redeem the time. Of a truth; we are living in borrowed times! (i.e. we have to give it back sooner, or later!)
As it is written

THE MATTER IS BY THE DECREE OF THE WATCHERS, AND THE DEMAND BY THE WORD OF THE HOLY ONES; TO THE INTENT THAT THE LIVING MAY KNOW THAT THE MOST HIGH ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whosoever he will, and setteth up over it the basest of men.

( DANIEL: 4 : 17)

As it is written:
(LUKE 11:2)
On the basis of intuition, if mankind ignores to maintain the balance, it often re-establishes itself in one way or another naturally, or manmade. (It is like with a disease, or accident affecting once body unawares... even near impossible to prevent it from happening!) Therefore, it makes only sense to us, when we would appreciate the MONETARY STANDARD such as we would appreciate the standard unit of a measurement in which we express a distance by, e.g. 1000 m. The same appreciation applies, when we communicate unit matters to others like: 10 kg, 360 days, 100 light-years, etc. 
 It would be helpful to all if we would generally know the national monetary standard of our Human Resources & Energy as it is expressed in terms of the subordinate substitute “money”. This Human Resources & Energy money standard cannot be, as for the standard units we are generally familiar with, e.g. like the “metre”, “kilogram”, “hour”, etc., of a constant magnitude , for one single reason; we are dealing here with "living" entities, subject to changes over time in their quality of their constituents... heart, soul, and body/mind. However, it will take considerable time, e.g.  centuries, to raise the national moral... social... academic development of a nation, which makes the MONETARY STANDARD more or less a constant unit. 
Whatsoever the monetary standard of Human Resources & Energy in monetary essence might be to date, it is of vital importance to know what the monetary standard ought to be in the future, i.e. the ultimate to aim for through which we will truly be revealed and which should reflects the truth about “loving our neighbour as oneself”. Loving self is only by a voluntary “true caring” attitude starting within oneself for self, and then the same transposed to peoples, societies, and nations. Only then things will evolve and life will be prolonged and preserved. As stated before: “caring” is the one and only true characteristic within people for matters put under our care in order to remain matters in existence.
However, “caring” comes in a package... the person. It is not an event based on one particular part of a human development, but on multiple properties people have to developed fit for the proper “caring” attitude at the time. It is therefore that the monetary standard, in principle, be defined as follows:
The monetary standard principle:
A nation's monetary standard reflects the nation's neighbourly love as a ratio between a nation's public contribution and her private spending.

To know the national monetary standard would be through determining the amount of Human Resources & Energy a nation as a whole allocates on their “wellbeing”. A nation’s welbeing is served first and foremost by the kind of Governing Body it is supporting, secondly the social commitments it is making to the dependable and less fortunate, and thirdly by the infrastructure she maintains and advances. All these be summarised as commitments of “neighbourly love as oneself”. They are financially supported by each income earner’s remuneration constituent so-called “long-term commitment”. (see section Remuneration). The monetary standard would therefore be defined as the “National Long-term Commitment” (NLC) and the total sum of money in circulation (NMC).
The monetary standard in numerical value:

National Longterm Commitment

National Money in Circulation – National Longterm Commitment


"Loving self" is expressed as the standard of living one has attained for oneself. Hence, the standard of living is incorporated in one’s remuneration. “Loving our neighbour as thyself” ought to be reflected by making provision for one’s neighbour to attain the same “living standard” as oneself has. We are conscious, however, knowing what is of interest or an outlook for one person does not mean that it will be the same for another person. What is desired by one might not be somebody else’s desire. We are all individuals!
To avoid blurring discussions on details not relevant to the focus of this document, it is still reasonable to assume that whatsoever is the interest, desire, or focus of the individual, part of our remuneration will be spend on the common good, i.e. our neighbour as well as on ourselves. The apportioned money of one’s remuneration referred to as “Long-term Commitments” (see Remuneration). This is the financial support to maintain the Government, for social beneficiaries, commercial projects and/or infrastructure. To maintain the Government through taxation should be compulsory, while all other financial support ought to be on a “voluntary” basis. Any other basis than on the basis of “voluntary” contribution would not reflect the nation’s development, but that of a few. Thus matters would develop at a rate as people are ready for it, and are willing to make the necessary sacrifices for it. It will teach people to show their true colours, and underlines to show respect one another’s free will to support the common good.
An economy is hampered by saving schemes we have introduced to manipulate our money flows. To date we start to discover, that saving for the future has already an adverse result on the present economic situation, and more so on our future when we intend to materialise it as a liquid asset.
This introduces the next economic principle which is based on the following wisdom, namely: 
As it is written:

Take therefore no thought for the morrow, for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.

Mat 6:34
Again, this is the result of our ignorance of the economic principles we should abide by. With saving we reduce the money in circulation, and with that we introduce more inflation by the interest we obtain from our savings. Interest/dividend is a concoction revealing our inclination towards slothfulness as well as greed. (Therefore, may it be that bank-robbers and ponzi scammers are actually maintaining the “fine balance” either way, but for us unawares!)
As it is written:

For even when we were with you, this we commanded you,
that if any would not work, neither should he eat.

IIThes. 3:10

The economic principle:
The value of any good or service is equal to the total expenses on human resources & energy in money value.
Therefore, the monetary value of every commodity and/or service ought to be equal to the sum of all the Human Resources & Energy acquired to establish the commodity and/or more, no less. Any departure from this principle will inflict inflation. In other words, cost-calculation ought to be confined to the actual expenses for to make the product, or to provide the service, ...and... maybe an amount allocated as "unforeseen".
We have introduced another corrupt form of inflicting inflation by including a so-called “profit margin” in the price of goods & services. Any financial provision we undertake as a justification to preparing for the future is a sign of “lack of faith”.  
With regard to physical objects; we should acknowledge that “physical objects” are subject to deterioration and/or decomposition; hence they should never increase in value over the years, other than for improvements made, and/or for inflation correction. The “real estate” sector with their price manipulations has inflicted enormous problems to our present economy, including inflation.
The economic principle:
Profit is the revaluation of a nation's currency as a consequence of her monetary standard increase at the time.

Loss is the devaluation of a nation's currency as a consequence of her monetary standard decrease at the time.

Starting at assessing “loving oneself” on a personal basis is to look at one’s remuneration (REM). In section “Remuneration” it is suggested to divide one’s remuneration into three constituents concerning our spending, namely:
  • “Living Expenses”
  • “Short-term Commitments”
  • “Long-term Commitments”
“Personal Living Expenses” (PLS) plus “Personal Short-term Commitments” (PSC) are mainly moneys spend on the direct beneficiaries living off the remuneration (REM). “Personal Long-term Commitments (PLC) are payments that one’s neighbour benefits from as well. Therefore, “neighbourly love” would be expressed on a personal level through the ratio between Personal Long-term Commitments (PLC) and “Personal Living Expenses” plus Personal Short-term Commitments (PSC). The national expression of “neighbourly love” would be the ratio between the “National Long-term Commitments” (NLC), and the “National Money in Circulation” (NMC), i.e. the “National Remuneration” minus the. National Long-term Commitments (NLC) The optimal situation of “loving your neighbour as oneself” is when the division would reach “1”. This applies also on a collective national scale.





This way of comparing one’s personal “neighbourly love” with the national “neighbourly love” makes it possible for every citizen to assess their own position on the collective national scale. Subsequently, one can draw their own conclusions about their commitment towards “loving one’s neighbour”. Again, perfection is reached on a personal, as well as on a national level, when one spends as much on oneself as on one’s neighbour ( see MAT: 22 : 39).
Within the confines of Human Resources & Energy in circulation and Money in circulation the Government’s responsibility is to direct the Human Resources & Energy flow, i.e. money flow to where it is necessary prioritising the enhancement of society’s overall development: morally, socially, and academically.
A “recession” generally means that society has reached a state of existence in which a combination of matters concerning “production and distribution” has without prior warnings been reversely affected. The affects can range for businesses from going out of existence, becoming under-esteemed or over-esteemed causing an unbalanced employee supply and demand situation including redundancies. No development projects or innovative ideas have been presented to accommodate for the loss of those that have been out dated. In other words; society has become so-called "stale". Staleness is a sign of having passed the pinnacle of our development and is noticeable by our social behaviour concerning the level of social violence and immoral conduct. Moreso, by re-applying concepts, methods, and traditions of passed civilisations as a "natural" remedy for contemporary issues. As a reminder here; The future is before us! 
It is predominantly the the respective Government that prevents the occurrence of a “recession”. The Government ought to introduce stimuli in accordance to the vision for society’s future needs and wants. Mainly, entrepreneurial ventures which will maintain livelihood and/or establish new ones. The stimuli will require funds. Under The World Monetary Order scheme this would be provided on a national scale by the “National Reserve Funds” and on the global scale by the “World Reserve Funds". Remember, the funds can only be as much as the amount of Human Resources & Energy that is in circulation. Any deviation from this equilibrium will produce adverse affects.
However, executing the above responsibility in order to make society aware of their “caring” status necessitates the overhaul of all our money schemes and how banking institutions and money exchange businesses etc. should operate. On the basis of the reorganised money/banking protocol, relevant data can then be obtained for determining the money that is in circulation leading to establishing/improving the national “loving/living” standard.
Furthermore, with regard to the “caretakers’ responsibility” of a nation’s territorial husbandry task, a change may be required in the legal status of the land. More so, seeing the adverse trends in environmental territorial conditions every country is facing to date. All a country’s territory should become the collective responsibility of the Government and every citizen in government service...civil servants. Therefore, any local land utilization proposal requires the consent/vote of those local civil servants - municipalities - together with the Government, whether the land will be utilised for urbanisation, ruralisation, or industrialization.
 A main enactment put in place which has a great impact on the global ECONOMY is the so-called “Exchange Rate”. Currently, the Exchange Rate is used to manipulate matters in favour of our national interest, and this often causes conflicts of interest with other nations, and with underdeveloped nations to miss out on opportunities. This is why they remain underdeveloped! On a global scale the national monetary standard (see monetary standard in numerical value above) of nations will lead to a true and non-politicized exchange rate between nations. It is obvious that not one nation can exist on planet Earth in isolation from the other nations. When one rocks the boat, we all sway! We see this on a micro-scale by the economic turmoil the European Union is experiencing, and how they therefore do not cleave one to another. On a global scale, the interrelationship becomes more conspicuous seeing the effects of our national industrial activities on the global environment, and the depletion of natural resources. The same applies to our national monetary activities as well, and what it does to the global economy. The consequences are becoming more obvious. It is in the interest of every nation to bring each other to the same level of development...morally, socially, and academically.
To avoid politicizing the “exchange rate” one would compare national monetary standard of nation “A” with the national monetary standard of nation “B”. Therefore, the same principles ought to be applied as they apply for a national economy. Thus, in order to relate/compare one national currency with another national currency both economies need to function on the same principles, with the same constituent variables, and by the same protocol.


Figure 1.
There are voices introducing a "one world currency" believing it to overcome the exchange rate dilemmas we are experiencing to date. However, the monetary turmoil the European Community is experiencing, and now the cause is obvious for us to see, lies in the failure to acknowledge the MONETARY STANDARD differences... the moral, social, and academic development... between the individual European nations. The MONETARY STANDARD of every European nation has not been defined from the outset; hence invoking bankruptcy as some nations cannot stand-up to the higher developed nations of the European Community. Therefore, when people go ahead with the concept of a "one world currency"... not to be recommended... but at least determine from the outset the MONETARY STANDARD of each individual nation... 195 in total... we are sure heading for a Global monetary disaster / meltdown, if not already by our unleashed and miss-conceived bail-out ventures, i.e. bringing in circulation unsubstantiated money... fake money. To avoid a nation's bankruptcy in the long-term is by increasing the value/quantity of that nation's Human Resources & Energy... so to become equal with the higher developed nations of the EU, i.e. increasing the bankrupt nation's moral, social, and academic development. (remember the "man and the fish")
Regarding the outcome of a "bail-out" will depend first and foremost whether it is economical legitimate. One needs to make a distinction "who" is bailing-out "who"! Whether the entity in need to be bailed out is e.g. a family member... stranger, a subsidiary... nonmember company, or a compatible... incompatible nation. Further, whether or not both institutions are up-right in resolving the unfavourable situation, i.e. not aimed at financial gain on the expense of the other. 

To sustain the World ECONOMY one would regulate each individual national ECONOMY on the basis of the same principles as used on a national scale. where all the funding to the individual entities within a nation, i.e. income earners and organisations alike, flows through the National Reserve Funds, thus the same ought to be on the global scale. The World Reserve Funds would regulate, and distribute monetary funds to individual nations each in their own currency.  These funds in the global setting is for the sole purpose to comply to the TRUTH that sustaining life on this planet can only be done by "caring" for each other, as well as adhering to the three sets of laws dictated to the whole of the entire Universe, including the Laws of Economics. Without this "caring" attitude and submission to the three laws of the universe on to each and every global citizen would be a sure path to self destruction, of which we can see the evidence already.
The transfer of national currencies across borders among nations in the economic system described in this document is prohibited. By prohibiting the money flow between nations will arrest many destructive activities invented by mankind. The protocol by which trading between nations ought to take place is on the so-called “barter system” principle. Organisations, so-called “Barter Brokers” (similar like bank institutions now), who via a communication network trade “goods & services” exchanging them into the national currency of the nation in which they operate. With the national currency the “Barter Broker” would trade it for Goods & Services as sourced for by other nations. All becomes transparent to the authorities involved who oversee the import and export, i.e. balancing trade surplus/shortfall as well.


Figure 2.
In support of stabilising the World ECONOMY it is wise to agree to regulate the distribution of depleting natural resources among nations. However, the geographical location of these depleting natural resources, are placed first for the benefit of the nation who has stewardship over them. Hence, when it comes to a stage that rationing of these natural commodities are unavoidable; the steward nation receives the greater part of the exploitation ration.
Following are the ten economic principles which will maintain a viable economy:

Human Energy cannot be destroyed, but only transformed into goods & services.

An economy is the production and distribution of goods & services.

the subordinate substitute of Human Resources & Energy is so-called money

A person's human resources & energy in money value is subject to his/her moral, social, and academic development, and is proportional and relative to the minimum remuneration rate at the time.

The value of any good or service is equal to the total expenses on human resources & energy in money value.

At any time in an economy the numerical sum in monetary value of all the human resources & energy in circulation is equal to the numerical sum of all the media of exchange in circulation.

A nation's monetary standard reflects her neighbourly love as a ratio between her public commitment and her private spending.

Profit is the revaluation of a nation's currency as a consequence of her monetary standard increase at the time.

Loss is the devaluation of a nation's currency as a consequence of her monetary standard decrease at the time.

The exchange rate between nations' currencies is equal to the ratio between their respective monetary standards.  



How it all started: In the beginning when the breath of life enters through the nostrils of man – the first inhalation of the person’s spirit at birth – is the moment the entity became an individual in its own right. At that moment the body is the responsibility of the individual to maintain all the electrochemical charges to activate the nerves and senses and convert the information into muscle actions. (This is similar to what happened at the birth of our solar system – the igniting of the sun’s nuclear fusion reactions... the fourth day... is the moment the solar system physically functions on its own -- and humanity could do with planet Earth whatsoever she imagined.) Our biological clock... for the solar system the energy clock... from the moment of our birth onwards tells us of our temporal (physical) existence, the cycles of reappearances (incarnation), as well as the bio-chemical processes necessary to maintain our bodies are all indecators of an overall divine plan. Indeed, one’s body functions as a so-called miniature ECONOMY. The individual body parts and their distinct functions are the peculiar Human Resources & Energy of individuals in circulation, and the state of the human body is the economic result thereof.
The TRUTH is not hidden from us, but revealed through drawing “parallels” (see above) with familiar concepts around us, so-called PARABLES. Thus, no individual may claim innocence through the excuses of having never been introduced to the principle that is at stake concerning our activities and their consequences at the time.
When the fine balance in one’s body (see section Monetary Order) is violated in either direction...insufficient energy/to much energy... the consequences can be anticipated. Not enough energy results in losing the functions of body members, even organs, in particular the part affecting the decision making: “the brain”. These are the people in society who are making the decisions, and are involved in governing, management, basic research, applied research and development, etc.
The other condition, i.e. getting too much energy is like accumulating excess luggage causing inefficiency, over-regulation, slow moving institutions, i.e. bureaucracy. These extremes on either side of the scale can be recognised by the different organisations within a nation; but more so by the governing bodies of the nations around the globe, creating at one extent a “dictatorship” and to the other a “nanny state”. They can be seen as the nations lacking “money”, and those nations having an abundance of “money”. In both cases matters go into “receivership”! A good functioning body ...ECONOMY... has a balanced flow of energy going in cycles.
Indeed, for those that believe the above, it is important to remind ourselves of the implications caused on ourselves when we violate the “Laws of Physics”. For example, when one would attempt to break the Law of Gravity by jumping from an irresponsible height, the same will on reaching the ground be broken by the Law of Gravity.
The Conservation of Energy has been ignored for its implications as well as in an economical sense. Remember we are dealing here with energy! Having ignored this fact is thus noticeable, when we would only look at the irreversible state of planet Earth, we are RESPONSIBLE for, today.
------- LIKEWISE, -------

Therefore, neither can we ignore the fact, that in order to maintain a proper functioning human body can only take place, if we exchange the energy coming into the body to be equivalent to the Human Resources & Energy going out of the body. It is obvious, that the person who only takes in energy, but does not transform the energy for livelihood will adversely affect his/her body. We need to work for our daily bread continually until when...? Until we return to dust!
As it is written:

In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread,
 till thou return unto the ground
for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.

Gen. 3:19

For even when we were with you, this we commanded you,
that if any would not work, neither should he eat.

IIThes. 3:10
The above statement shows the gravity of our responsibility to work for our daily bread... for our livelihood. The consequences when we ignore the warning can be multi-faceted, difficult to trace back to where we started to follow the sleight of man, and is often too late to reverse; the damage is done. Work is an integral part of life by which we can develop into a responsible and complete person contributing to form a stable society.
Remember the saying:
Idle  hands  are  the  Devil's  tools.
The natural state of our planet is at a frightening speed being depleted of her natural resources. It is of great importance to be prudent with what is left of our natural resources... to avoid a premature end. This first starts with being prudent with our own Human Resources & Energy, and then with the kind of projects we undertake for our development. Projects aimed at improving the quality of life... caring for oneself... caring for one’s neighbour... caring for everyone’s habitat.
We can learn from past civilisations that after having reached the pinnacle of their development, they became complacent, decadent, and self destructive; caving in... disappearing into thin air. Today, maybe a certainty for those refusing to make the U-turn, hence waiting for the end of this solar system... ”black hole.” When, everything returns to dust... i.e. “energy”. Have we reached this pinnacle with our civilisation now? Judging from our moral condition, the violence, and the isolated scientific achievements, maybe we are not far from it!
It may be worthwhile suggesting here, that to achieve prudency concerning the use of our own Human Resources & Energy is by letting us first realise how serious we are about being motivated, and having the right attitude towards enhancing our development and sustaining nature. A way to face this self examination is by expecting each individual, or team of individuals to contract the task that is offered for tender for its labour content only. Basically, each individual or team of individuals act as a contractor, or subcontractor for that matter in relation to a main contractor/developer. To price for one’s labour content for a task involves understanding of the abilities/skills required, the order of the detailed activities, what time the activities generally take to be completed. By this the project leader / customer can assess the level of understanding of the individual, or team of individuals in the task that is offered for tender. Finally, the remuneration rate per hour unit, multiplied by the time the task would take to be completed, and maybe a margin for unforeseen events if appropriate, will set the contract price/the development cost. In this way every employee is confronted with the implications of one’s commitments, and the implications of one’s responsibility within the team.
The remuneration in exchange for Human Resources & Energy for the individual / organisation will be subject to the following constituents, namely:
·         “Living Expenses” ... for an individual / “Organisational Expenses”... for an   organisation
·         “Short-term Commitments”,
·         “Long-term Commitments”.
“Living / Organisational Expenses” stands for the money allocated for the day-to-day expenses plus the expenses for maintaining a level of comfort and public image.
“Short-term Commitments” stands for periodic repayments as a result of a short-term financial commitment, which might take up to a maximum of seven years for it to be repaid in full, e.g. private/business loans, car / equipment loans, etc. In other words, we buy what is needed to accomplish the work, and recover the investment over the work hours it (the plant, equipment, vehicle, etc.) will last for.
“Long-term Commitments” stand for periodic repayments as a result of a financial commitment, which might take up a minimum of seven years to a maximum of a life-time for it to be repaid, e.g. taxation, mortgages, etc. A main characteristic of a “Long-term Commitments” concerns entities which can outlive the owner / caretaker, i.e. entities which can be inherited by following generations, e.g. houses, roads, cultivated land, etc.
A major principle to attain efficiency is to stay focussed on what we do with our Human Resources & Energy here and now, rather than trying to anticipate and prepare for the future...a maybe condition.
As it is written:

Take therefore no thought for the morrow, for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.

Mat 6:34
In a way the saying “tomorrow never comes” makes sense. It is like an advertisement at a petrol station: “Today free air, tomorrow free petrol!” We might think “tomorrow” things have changed to our benefit (petrol), but when “tomorrow” has come nothing has changed (still air).
To apply the above truth with regard to our remuneration is to calculate the cost to maintain and improve our “living standard”, the investments we make to enhance it with our “Short-term Commitments”, and our “Long-term Commitments”. “Living standards” comes down to the “needs” and “wants” of the individual on a daily basis. It is wise to utilise the means made available today, for tomorrow might never come. A combination of issues has therefore lead to the present state of affairs, with the main fact – because of the size of our world population – no alternative for recycling Human Resources & Energy, but to create a consumer’s society.
When one would tender for a position, project, or a work one should calculate the contract price on the basis of the priorities of today’s “living standard”, as well as on the basis of one’s personal state of ranking. This will cause, no doubt, competition on the labour market, and a more sure way to obtain “value for money”. Value for money abates inflation, hence causing national Human Resources & Energy holding its value. This approach constitutes a real “free market” environment and demands prudency with our Human and natural Resources.
Presently, an important issue concerning our remuneration is that we have allowed it to go beyond common sense and established the so-called “income distribution” chart. We assume it is necessary to implement wage increases on a regular basis, and thus mainly on political motives, or to offset INFLATION, but by it inflict INFLATION. A real “free market” environment will maintain, besides other matters, also an income range which will become realistic through competition, not self destructive by the inflationary extreme incomes/commissions we have created to date. A guide, which would be realistic, is by maintaining the margins between the top and bottom income ratio of our “income distribution” within the magnitude of seven. This is to keep monopolies abate!
An economic principle:
Money has value only when in circulation.
Based on the above principle the volume of money in circulation is subject to the volume of Human Resources & Energy in circulation. Therefore, one could conclude that the economy of a nation is subject to how innovative and progressive the people are motivated. This means, that when all the vocations within the basic industries... nourishment - shelter - transport... are provided for, activities have to be searched for that might fulfil the wants of the people. In turn the level of progressiveness and innovativeness is subject to the level of development morally, socially, and academically of the people. It needs to be understood, that all three constituents here need to be equally enhanced positively. If we look at past civilisations and their downfall, one can see that either one or two constituents lacked in development causing their downfall. Mostly the moral development reversed!
Innovation and progress need investments! In a perfect WORLD and in real terms, after completion of every investment project our development should have increased, i.e. our Human Resources & Energy value should therefore have increased too, i.e. the quality of life has increased, and our “neighbourly love” ought to have increased as well. Therefore, contrary to the increase of prices for commodities & services in our contemporary world, the prices for commodities & services should remain the same in numerical value, other than that resources... technology... manufacturing have changed the expenses of the commodity. Consequently, prices of common commodities will not fluctuate any more, creating a stable ECONOMY.
Seeing the ever increasing monetary value of the following: -- a) in remuneration: 10,000... 100,000... 1,000,000... -- b) of the RICH : millionairs, billionairs, and maybe in the future trillionairs -- c) of nations' debts: billions, trillions, and maybe in the future zillions, reveals our downward motion of social status, i.e. value of our Human Resources & Energy... ECONOMY. If these facts are not ample prove of our civilization's decline, what would... !
However, the ultimate perfection has been reached for mankind when money as a subordinate substitute has becomes obsolete. Moreover, there is no breach anymore between the rich and the poor as of absence of income. Note, this would be going totally the opposite way as the world is progressing now, talking of trillions of dollars and a ever widening breach between the rich and poor! A world where everyone; firstly works for the natural development of one’s community, as it has naturally evolved to that next stage, secondly it supports the development of the wider community as they have become aware of the advanced development of other communities, and thirdly seek for scientific evidence as we become aware of the mysteries of CREATION. This way each individual, community, and society builds up at its own pace... and is encouraged... and is ready for the next development growth.


When mankind formed communities, it was unavoidable to organise themselves into a structured hierarchy. That is, having people solely devoted to coordinate, regulate, and maintain stability within the community. “Coordinating” and “regulating” society are tasks people generally can adhere to. These are matters one can quickly anticipate the consequences of if people were left to their own devices.
For it is written:
Jer 10:23

Having established societies made it more obvious, that we are not only subject to the “first law of thermodynamics”, but also to the “second law of thermodynamics”... namely concerning the “entropy” of a system:

(Indeed the reader may meditate the following: What would the “third law of thermodynamics” reveal on the boundaries of our existence!)
However, to maintain “stability” in a society requires a special kind of energy, so-called “governance”. Governance means leading people towards a common VISION... a common good. The following statement explains why by the attitudinal misconception of leadership has brought all nations into turmoil to date.

As it is written:
Mark 10:43-44
There will always be leadership required to maintain a stable, coherent, and focused society. This means, there will always be a government to be maintained by the people, hence there will always taxes to be collected from the people. It is therefore wise to know how to recognise true leaders. Leaders whose objectives are as follows:
Therefore the nation will:
  • succeed morally.
  • succeed economically.
  • succeed academically.
Returning to the original idea of taxation (as "entropy" stands for to maintain a system) would mean collecting tax is for the sole purpose of maintaining stability at a national level, as well as at a local level. Taxation increases... as it is the case with "entropy"... by the number of constituents, i.e. population.
The Principle:
However, there has to be a ceiling to the amount taxation is levied from the people in order to maintain a balanced economy. A general healthy organisational rule for a business is to maintain a ratio between “administration staff” and “production staff” around the “20 & 80%”. When applying this “20/80” rule to the taxation for a nation would mean; that 20% of a “Nation’s long-term Commitment” (NLC) is spend on governance; and 80% on social welfare plus the infrastructure. Any deviance from this 20/80 rule ought to have a bearing on the “National Monetary Standard”, either in a positive sense when less than 20% is spend on governance, or in a negative sense if more.
Having stated that taxation is for governance only requires defining the institutions which will be involved with governing, and hence funded by the tax money. In general terms the following institutions are suggested to fall under governing institutions, namely:
  • Government,
  • Parliament
  • Civil Law Enforcement
  • Armed forces
  • Local Bodies
  • Civil Defence
  • Education
Of all the institutions stated above, the “Civil Law Enforcement Institutions” and the “Armed forces” through dissolving into an advisory and a territorial exploration role ought to be the proof of successful governance over time. This will only happen when everyone commits to “loving one’s neighbour as oneself” attitude encourage from the top of the hierarchy down-ward, and from the fathers onto the children. One needs to understand, having an occupation, continually dealing with the corrupt side of our existence daily, will make those people corrupt too. Live has never been intended to fight corruption, rather to overcome corruption with good. The focus should be on doing GOOD! To give validity to the heretofore statement is by setting e.g. a ten year limit for serving in the police force. This idea should apply to the armed forces as well! However, a suggestion to consider too is to make it compulsory for young man (males) to serve for two years in the police force. The purpose of this is to create an awareness of the consequences of broken families in society. Remember, the family is the backbone of society.
As it is written:
Rom. 12:21
Alternative institutions for the “Civil Law Enforcement” institutions and the “Armed Forces” would be a so-called “Civil Law Counsel” institutions and “Intelligentsia”. The “Civil Law Counsel” would instruct the people about the interpretation of civil controversies into moral solutions.
The “Intelligentsia” will provide guidance in scientific research of Mother Nature... creation, enhancing our intellectual understanding of the mysteries of nature, but not overriding it.

As it is written:
Rom. 1:25
Today it is obvious, that our scientific efforts are largely devoted to overcoming symptoms adversely affecting Mother Nature’s ecology and specifically our food production. Symptoms developed as a consequence of our inability to see the interrelationship of species within the holistic panorama of Mother Nature. Primarily because we are standing to close to the problem, i.e. narrowing our view, therefore missing the essential areas which are interrelated with the problem area, but are outside our focus range. This will cascade problems unawares in diverse places.
As a personal note; I wish to suggest here that the cause escalating the problems in our environment as we try to research and understand nature is the choice on which we base our perception of the origin of life. The choice that lies before us is to believe, either all is created, or alternatively matters are a consequence of a long process (billions of years) by so-called “Chance & Necessity”. Indeed, the wrong choice to base the research and understanding on will reveal itself through the manifestation of new adverse manmade symptoms in nature; speeding up towards the uninhabitable state of planet Mother Earth.
Education is the Government’s responsibility, namely for the mere fact, that every citizen needs to be able to understand what the Government communicates to its citizens, as well as for the communication between fellow citizens. If we are unable to understand each other, the result will be confusion; frustration, and separation; while “unity” is our objective... Remember the tower of Babel (Gen. 11:1-9). Hence, education ought to be compulsory; nobody should trail in academic development, and therefore education ought to be free of charge for all, and at all times. We all will benefit if we are able to communicate one with another!  
“Health Care” is “not” incorporated as a governing institution. In spite of contemporary opinions, the truth is, that one’s health is one’s own responsibility. The responsibility for our “health” is the only responsibility no one can pass on to others. One’s “health” is intricately connected with the intangible constituents mankind is made up off, i.e. the heart , and the soul of the person, i.e. the spirit of the person. Therefore, whatsoever we do in one life will be visited in the next life, either for good, or for bad.

As it is written:
Exo. 20:5
Statements we hear often referring to our health, say: “It is all in the mind!”, “Preventing is better than curing!”, or “Use it, or lose it!” points to the power of our self consciousness...the soul... to stay healthy. Notwithstanding, to acknowledge the ultimate gift we need for to stay healthy is wisdom.
A general advice:
Be at the right time, at the right place, and with the right people!
The taxation concept suggested in this document clearly exposes the performance standard of the governing bodies. Reason is: the taxation revenue is solely dedicated to governing only. Thus, keeping taxation matters transparent and comprehensible, and leave little room for hijacking the system for political schemes. Any excessive budget requests can be challenged on its policy merits by an independent comptroller. Further, if the economy hampers everyone must carry the burden, including the civil servants.
Another simplification would be if taxation is levied on income only... “pay as you earn”. Therefore, no taxation on companies should be levied, just on individuals. Again, it is good to state that a national ceiling is legislated for the tax levied and at a flat rate, e.g. 20%, This would make it fair to all earning citizens at all times, and surely in times of bad governing, when recession takes its affects. Thus we all should feel the pinch, including all the people in the governing institutions. (See parallelism with the “body!).
As with business organisations a healthy ration between overhead cost and production cost is for example: 20% for overhead, and 80% for production. The nation's overhead cost is equal to the money levied for national taxation + sum national mortgages + sum national long-term loans, i.e. National Long-term Commitments (NLC). In order to stay in the 20% region any of the three constituents can be reviewed for change of policy. 

Truth  is  stranger  than  fiction!
The description of the natural boundaries given in the previous sections conveys a concise but comprehensible view of the ECONOMY of the future. The main characteristics, of such an ECONOMY with which mankind can assess their personal desire and responsible contribution to perpetuate LIFE, or not, are:
-          Citizens have been given the free choice to donate in support of those who are less fortunate than themselves, so-called “social welfare”,
-          Citizens have been given the free choice to invest in projects aimed at improving their local, and/or national infrastructure,
-          Citizens have been given the free choice to contribute relieve aid to local, national, and international natural, or manmade disasters,
-          Citizens’ “neighbourly love” awareness is expressed by their total “free will” contribution in proportion to their income,
-          Citizens and Governing Authorities are informed through the transparency of the economic system how much money is in circulation, flowing to whom, and for what purpose,
-          Government Authorities’ spending reveal their wisdom, commitment, and motives,
-          Citizens’ Human Resources & Energy of different nationalities are valued equally on:      moral development,
                 social development,
                          academic development.
The above creates a reflection of the way societies, nations, and the world are developing towards individual social responsibility for one another, and for the sustainability of the earth for future generations. It is obvious that we are breaking down in every possible way our own existence and habitat at this very moment. We give-in to our greed and hunger for power, merely out of anger towards our CREATOR, for not stepping-in and taking over the reins to get us out of this mess, even regardless of the destruction we cause with it. Now, subconsciously it has become a matter; as long as we get what we want for tomorrow might never comes! This notion is senseless for we all know it will visit "the children unto the third and fourth generation", which in fact are we, reincarnated either in the third or fourth generation, to reap the consequences we have caused.  Remember too, when we came to this planet we were naked, when we leave this planet we will be naked again. How then can we claim anything to be ours! Even the very LIFE we have now, we have no authority over it whether to prolong it, or not.
This should make us understand, that we are only caretakers for a while. “A while”, because of the Laws of Physics, our Biological Organisation, and Chemical Structures are telling us all, that physical matter has a limited existence in this, our “Time / Space” existence, i.e. we are temporal in a sense. Nature is even telling us, that matter goes in cycles until it loses its purpose. When it loses its purpose, we are revealed that things will return to the very matter all things are made off, namely: “ENERGY”
As it is written
( Gen 1 : 28)

The concept of the ECONOMY based on expressing “neighbourly love” is straightforward enough to be understood by everyone. However, the complication will come in the transition period implementing the rules of such an ECONOMY. To destroy the corrupt activities we have invented, i.e. activities violating the LAWS OF ECONOMICS  of the physical universe, and reduce all our money schemes to those based on a real “Human Resources & Energy” vis à vis “money value” exchange. Therefore, all those who will be contracted for guiding through the transition period have the task to come to grips with the natural boundaries of our physical existence laid down by the three laws we are obliged to adhere to, namely:
The  Moral  Laws.
The  Laws  of  Economics.
The  Laws  of  Physics.

As it is written

For the transgression of a land many are the princes thereof:
 but by a man of understanding and knowledge
the state thereof shall be prolonged.

( Prov 28 : 2 )

Every thought, word, and action opposing nature.
aim of life
To do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with the LORD, i.e. live for the glory of our creator. (We all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of the lord.)
basic principle(s)
The principles contained in the moral laws, economic laws, laws of physics.
believe (v)
A subconscious revelation put in action.
The tangible manifestation of the soul.
Establishing and maintaining livelihood which contribute to an economy.
An attitude which idolises money, i.e. “love of money”...root of evil!
create (v)
The transformation of energy according to a premeditated plan/protocol.
The heavens and all its hosts, the heaven and earth, the sea and all that is in her, the fountains of waters, and all living entities.
the lord god almighty: THE GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, THE GOD of Israel, the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ.
A typical way a nation expresses herself through apparel, art, and gastronomy.
The legal monetary unit of a country, therefore, the lawful tender for Human Resources & Energy.
currency standard
The currency value of a nation’s moral, social, and intellectual development.
death (eternal)
The ceasing sensation of interacting with our creator.
death (temporal)
The ceasing sensation of interacting with creation.
destroy (v)
Stopping something from functioning for the purpose for which it exists.
dream (spiritual)
A supernatural revelation of a future state of being.
dream (natural)
A person’s imagination formed by a heart’s desire, or fear. (In general aimed to release stress.)
The production and distribution of goods and services, i.e. wealth.
economic balance

The equilibrium between human resources & energy in circulation and the total sum of money in circulation.
economic constituents
The Monetary Order, Remuneration, and Taxation.
energy (n)
The substance everything is made off. (energy is not created, neither can be destroyed, but only transformed in other forms.)
The ceaseless cascade of alternating seasons of undefined time periods in which the soul is in the flesh, or in spirit only.
Every thought, word, and deed aimed to destroy.
To be able to appeal to the moral law of the Universe for justice.
(Note: Those that disregard the appeal, disregard fairness, thus, they are a law to themselves.)
One’s level of dependence on a higher authority – our creator  -- for righteousness sake.
A concept that others can depend on you.
The terrestrial assembly of compatible spirits – male & female – pro-create to perpetuate life.
Obtaining something by favour.
The creator of heaven and earth, and all that in them is, and also the Lord Jesus Christ.
All that proceeds from the lord god almighty is good, and he only is good.
The enhancement of a nation’s moral, social, and academic development.
The god conscious constituent of a person.
Human Resources & Energy
The intangible features intrinsic to a human soul being his/her level of development morally, socially, and intellectually.
Putting another person’s needs before one’s wants.
The down valuing of Human Resources & Energy. (i.e. a result of corruption)
Being able to analyse secular information and concepts into objectives.
The availing of Human Resources & Energy in the form of money for enhancing society’s development.
Evaluation of one’s thoughts, words, and deeds by the moral laws.

Information gained by effort: is informative.
life (eternal)
A consecutive, perpetual cycle of alternating, spiritual and physical sensations in their seasons and in communion with the creator.
life (temporal)
A season of physical sensation to enhance spiritual and secular development.
The genuine employment of one’s resources & energy given for exchange of money, in order to provide in one’s socio-economic needs and responsibilities, and for righteousness sake.
love (godly)
Is Fatherhood. (In other words: god is love, is the father.)
love (neighbour)
Enabling your fellowman to the successfully obtain the “aim of life”.
love (erotic)
The fleshly unison of a male and female as one flesh to procreate (recycle) life.

Unmerited forgiveness.

The consciousness of man, by which one is able to relate concepts from the sub-consciousness to the World and vice versa.
(This part is generally spoken off as the brains.)
Everything as created to plan, or protocol. (see abomination)
natural realm
This our physical habitation which is appreciable through our five senses, and constitutes of four (length, width, height, time) of the six dimensions (+soul + heart = spirit) of the whole of our existence.
needs (n)
All that is essential for both spiritual, as well as terrestrial existence, to live holy and righteous.
The person you know, or are acquainted with.
mankind (3 constituents)
The three constituents of mankind: a) the heart, b) the soul, and c) the body.
morals / moral law


The ten commandments.

A familiar physical account with a spiritual meaning.
peace (true)
Living in harmony with our creator.
peace (worldly)
Absence of war (=temporal).


People manipulation.

The natural consequence/result of doing good business. (i.e. revenue minus expenses.)
An order of living based on a faith.
The level of delegated, or exerted authority to order one’s own conduct and that of others.
The abundance of monetary means.
Fulfilling a god given mission. (Mankind general righteousness is to live by the moral law.)
The self-conscious constituent of a person.
(The second constituent of a person. Through the soul one is aware of ‘self’. I.e. it consists of and enables to retrieve the gender of the person, eternal physical features embedded in the genes (+imposed mutations), character, and academic and vocational abilities.)
A person’s intangible part. (as he/she would be in physical form)
(The combined intangible immortal constituent of man: the heart and the soul. The spirit is made-up of photons that resemble the person in intangible invisible form. )
spiritual realm
The habitation of incorporeal persons. (The space coordinate in a time/space diagram.)
Attainment of a favourable reward from our creator, or fellowman, either tangible or intangible, now, or in the future eternal life.
god given abilities for secular success.
the world
All people existed at one stage or another on planet Earth.
time (calculable)
A succession of 3600 , or partial rotations of the planet Earth around its axis.
time (life)
An experience.
Seeing matters from the creator’s perspective.
vision (supernatural)
A mental impression of a work in progress.
want (n)
A desire above and beyond one’s needs.
The abundance of diverse favourable possessions & services.
Seeing the truth and knowing the basic principle(s) to apply.
All mankind that has lived on this planet.
world (personal)
All mankind one becomes acquainted with and/or who has an effect on one’s life.

As it is written:


(LUKE 11:2)